In a recent interview with John The Ninja, Stryper’s Perry Richardson indicated how he felt when Rob Halford watched their performance.

As the vocalist of Judas Priest, Rob Halford has gained a reputation with his iconic, influential voice in the metal scene. Halford was awarded Best Metal Performance in the 2010 Grammys. On Planet Rock’s list of most excellent vocals in rock music, the vocalist became number 33.

Also, many fans entitled him ‘Metal God.’ Halford has become an inspiration for lots of musicians. For instance, John 5 mentioned in a previous conversation that he could not be a human being because he is perfect in what he has done.

In a recent interview, Stryper bassist Perry Richardson also mentioned the time he spent with Halford and the first time he saw him. Richardson talked about memory when they missed a flight with Halford in the 90s and spent time together. According to the bassist, Halford is very friendly and has a different personality offstage. As he mentioned, Perry enjoyed the moment whenever he was with Halford.

Perry Richardson explained in his words:

“I went to his house a few times, and we got to hang out together down in Miami. We got stuck. We missed flights or something. I can’t remember. This was back in the 90s. We got stuck down there, and we went shopping together.

It wasn’t any kind of thing that he said to me like ‘you’re great.’ It was just being around your biggest idol you’ve ever had in the music business. With him, it just became more like a friend, and it was great to hang with him; and he’s such a truly nice dude, man.

I mean, his image on stage is completely different than he is in real life. It was just great to get to know him and have the chance to hang with him like that. I had a great time with him every time we’ve seen him.”

In the same interview, Richardson mentioned that he first saw Halford during their band’s performance. According to the bassist, seeing Halford watching their show was an incredible moment that he almost fainted because of excitement.

He continued:

“But the first time I ever saw him in person where Firehouse was doing a show in Phoenix. We were playing outside, and it was like 105 degrees, and I was sweating out, and I looked over, and he’s over on the side of the stage that his arms up on the side feels like he’s watching the band and I almost fainted.

It was like Rob Halford standing there watching us, and ever since then, we couldn’t know each other after that. So it’s been a great time getting to meet people like that and hang out with people you grew up loving when you’re a kid. That was just awesome.”

You can watch the entire interview below.