Stryper singer and guitarist Michael Sweet has reacted to our article on Twitter and revealed why he applauded Kanye West.

As we reported yesterday, Michael Sweet tweeted that ‘he applaud Kanye West for ‘such a bold stance’ of him. That tweet caused some reactions from fans, and we wrote an article about his statement.

After our report, he mentioned our tweet about his statement and clarified why he wrote about Kanye. Here’s what he said:

“It takes guts to sing about Jesus than it does to sing about sex, drugs, women, Satan or any other subject matter. The moment you take a stance for Christ lookout, stones will be thrown & persecution will follow. That’s why I applaud him. He’s a Soldier Under Command👊 @kanyewest”

A fan named Rece commented:

“I agree with you. I’m not a huge Kanye West or Kim Kardashian fan, which is a relevant anyway, but you’re right it takes huge guts and a pure passion and love for Christ to be as bold as he is especially in the days that we live in where Christian persecution is all around.”

Another fan named Elmer wrote:

“We need to keep @kanyewest in our prayers. As Christians, we should throw stones or criticism. We should support him as a young brother in the faith. Well said @michaelhsweet 🙏”

Check out the tweet below.