Metallica was special guest on Jimmy Fallon Show. Actress Margot Robbie, known for her roles of Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad”, she was quite excited about Metallica appearing on the show the same night. She say about Metallica:

“That is mind-blowing! Metallica! Also the vice-president –Joe Biden, who was also a guest- but like, METALLICA! That’s insane.”

Margot continued and tells what she favorite bands:

“I had a real heavy metal phase. When I was like 14 I dyed my hair black and I only cut it with a razor blade and I only listened to the heaviest of heavy metal.

Like, Silverstein, Bullet for My Valentine, bands like that. Slipknot, I went to a Slipknot concert, it was actually to this day probably the best concert I’ve ever gone to.

It’s just an amazing performance, even if you don’t like metal I think you’d appreciate a Slipknot concert – it’s just incredible to watch!”

Don’t miss, Metallica’s performance at same night: