System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan was recently interviewed by Let There Be Talk and he has broken his silence about the possible new album project of the band after 15 years. You can listen to the entire of this podcast below.

If you are a good fan of System of a Down, you must know that they had revealed their latest album called ‘Hypnotize‘ in November 2005. We have not seen any new album from them for 15 years.

Today, successful drummer of the band, John Dolmayan joined the podcast of Dean Delray on Soundcloud and made important statements about the future plans of the band. Also, he remembers the old days in which he worked on the latest album of themselves.

John recently revealed a covers album with his side project These Grey Men. He commented about any possible new material:

“I find it very unlikely. I’m not even sure I wanna do it anymore. It’s just so much drama and bullshit. In a lot of ways, I’m just over it. ‘Cause I fought really hard to get us to make an album over the course of the last 15 years.

More than anybody else, I was calling people, ‘Let’s get together. Put the egos aside. Let’s have meetings. Whatever it takes. Let’s get in the studio. Let’s just get in the studio and see what happens.’ I just couldn’t get it done. I failed.

Relationships break up all the time. And that’s with one person. Try having it with four.”

Dean Delray asked that:

“if singer Serj Tankian and guitarist Daron Malakian are to blame for the lack of new creative output?”

John replied:

“It’s not just Daron and Serj. It takes four people to make this band, and it takes four people to unmake it. I think that we’re all to blame.

I could just blame Daron and Serj because, quite frankly, they’re the primary songwriters so it’s easy to blame them. But it’s not just their fault – a lot of it is their fault, but it’s not just their fault.”

Also, John talked a little bit about the band and revealed the last status in the group:

“Everybody pretty much does their own thing, but that’s been the way it’s been since day one, so it’s not like that changed.

For me, it’s very odd, where we can put our differences aside to go on tour, we’re having a great time on stage, we have a blast on tour, and then I say, ‘Okay, well, you can put it aside for that, but you can’t put it aside for this.

Listen, I’m as confused as other people are. I’m more frustrated than everybody else. ‘Cause at the end of the day, this is it – this is what my life’s work is.

And as much as I enjoyed making the covers album [‘These Grey Men’], and I’m glad people are digging it – it’s getting a pretty good response – and it was a lot of fun to make, but I don’t wanna have time to make a covers album.

I wanna be so immersed in System of a Down and the creative process of System of a Down that there isn’t even time for me to do that.”

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