System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tarkian announced the new event he will be joining via his official Instagram account and called the fans for supporting him.

In the caption, Serj stated that he will be on the show of well-known comedian Vahe Berberian tomorrow and explained how it will be a great show by saying that nobody could miss this one.

However, the fans didn’t interested in this post. They started a new campaign in the comment section and revealed that they don’t want to see John Dolmayan in this band anymore. The fans wanted Serj to fire John immediately and probably, they don’t want a band member who is supporting Donald Trump.

Even though there are lots of comments about John Dolmayan in the comment section, Serj didn’t respond to any of these and remained silent about the future of the band.

Here is what Serj Tarkian captioned:

“Can’t wait for my Sunday’s Live show. You can’t miss this one!”

A fan named Connor added this comment:

“Fire John and Hire Audrey! Do the righteous thing ✊”

Another fan named Aubrey wrote:

“Hey Serj, you should fire John and hire Audrey! ❤️”

You can check out the post below.