System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan took to his official Instagram account for sharing his thoughts about the politicians in the United States and revealed the thing that destroys America.

In the caption, John mentioned that most of the politicians don’t do their work because they are too busy pandering to their base. While criticizing the politicians for not doing anything to make the country better, he also explained what would he do if he was a politician.

Here is what John Dolmayan said:

“Our politicians are too busy pandering to their base to do their jobs, this is a problem across political lines that are destroying our republic from within.

If I was in the political realm I would work hard to ensure my counselors represented as much diversity of thought as possible, I would want opinions diametrically opposed to mine so that as I made decisions they would be based on a broader perspective and took as many peoples needs into consideration as possible.

People who think differently can and should work towards one goal which is the betterment and enrichment of all of our lives.”

A fan named McLovin added this comment:

“I appreciate you sticking to your beliefs, all the people hating aren’t true SOAD fans.”

Another fan named Constanza wrote:

“Thank you for openly express your opinions! 👏 Let’s go, John!”

You can check out the post below.