System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan was recently interviewed by Loudwire Nights and talked about the possible ending of the band.

After his bandmate and bassist of SOAD, Shavo Odadjian revealed that their upcoming records are far better than anything they’ve done before, John Dolmayan claimed that it’s so possible that they will never release new record again.

Here are his comments about the earlier statement of Shavo:

“I don’t know if it’s the best thing we’ve ever written; we haven’t finished it. Nobody can tell you that it’s the best thing we’ve ever written.

First of all, what does that even mean? Until the record is finished and released, which I don’t think it ever will be at this point – but until it is, I don’t know how good it is or bad it is. We’re gonna do something that we’re proud of.”

He continued:

“I guess what Shavo means by it is we’re extremely proud of the music but, first of all, nothing is finished until all four members are on it.

And Serj [Tankian, vocals] had nothing to do with it. He wasn’t at those rehearsals, he wasn’t in the process of bringing the songs in and working on ’em, writing them.

These are just things we did in anticipation of the record happening, which never happened. But they are really good, I will tell you. A lot of potential in those songs.”

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