During a recent appearance on ‘The Jasta Show,’ System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian talked about the band’s current status and revealed if he’s jealous of Metallica.

As the interviewer reminded the bassist that the struggling of Metallica and emerged victorious from this struggle, Shavo said that he is the envy of Metallica and is inspired by them. He also added that they are still humble and cool even today.

Here’s what Shavo Odadjian stated:

“They did, they went through the worst. I thought it was over, and it wasn’t, and they did so well, I really give them props.

I look up to them, I envy them – not jealous, envy is different; envy is something you get inspired by. So I’m inspired by them and inspired by their actions, all of them.

You see them nowadays, they’re still humble as fuck, they’re cool-ass dudes, I’ve never had a problem with anyone from that band, everyone’s been the sweetest of the sweet, so it’s, like, you look up to the ones that have done that.”

He also mentioned the band’s current status. He said:

“I wish we could make more, it bothers me. It’s, like, we have so much more, it’s just if two guys [likely referring to singer Serj Tankian and guitarist Daron Malakian] would agree a little bit more on styles.

It doesn’t matter who writes it; it’s, like, Daron writes the majority of it, right? But with us, it just sounds like us. I love it, but it’s different – it’s not the same thing, which is all good.

Everything is its own original. You’ll hear some of our riffs in the new shit I’m doing, but it doesn’t sound like us.”

He continued:

“Even if you release an album every three years, it would be fine. At this point, it’s, like, 10-15 years, like, I’m done, it’s crazy. I love our songs, and we still tour, I kind of would like to play some new music for everyone, and I know we got the goods.

Like, Daron, brought some crazy songs, and I brought a bunch of riffs in, and he took them and came back with all the arrangements, and shit’s coming out so hard, and I’m, like, ‘Why can’t we just record these and drop them?’ We’ll see what happens.”

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