On Instagram, System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan posted a photo of his car Ford GT and started a Q&A with the fans who wanted to know why John preferred to have this car which he called as the ‘coolest car of all time.’

As you might know, John Dolmayan has been an active user of social media platforms, particularly to reach out to his fans and also share his opinions on political matters in the United States. As a devoted supporter of President Donald Trump, Dolmayan often becomes the target of criticism by some of his fans.

Although he has lost the support of many System Of A Down fans, John declared that he believed in the right of free speech. Dolmayan often responds to the questions of his fans regardless of their political points of view.

Recently, John Dolmayan took his Instagram account to answer fans’ questions about a different subject than politics. He posted a black and white photo of his car Ford GT and stated that it was the coolest car of all time. In the comment section of his post, John answered questions from the fans and followers about why he decided to have this car specifically.

Here’s what John Dolmayan stated on the caption of his latest post:

“Probably the coolest car of all time Ford GT!

A fan named Julien wanted to know whether the new or the old Ford GT was a better option for John by asking:

“If you have one choice john, the old GT or the new?

As a response to the question, John simply wrote:


He also received a comment from a Serj Tankian fan page named Tankianeveryday stating:

It’s awesome but way too overpriced, you can get the same performance from a Corvette with 10% of its price.”

Here’s how John Dolmayan replied to the comment:

One goes up in value, guess which one

An Instagram user named Bozhidar Bozhkov explained why John shouldn’t have chosen this car by stating:

It has a V6 tho, so no.

As a response, Dolmayan commented:

That’s an environmental mandate.”

You can see the photo John Dolmayan posted on his official Instagram account below.

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Probably the coolest car of all time @ford gt !

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