The drummer of the heavy metal band System Of A Down, John Dolmayan shared the message he received from a fan supporting his political statements which often criticized by many of the SOAD fans and thanked him for giving him this sort of positive reaction.

As you might know, System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan has been a devoted supporter of President Donald Trump and his politics. Dolmayan has been the target of the reactions of the fans due to his statements espacially regarding the violent behaviors of the protestors via his social media accounts during the demonstrations against racism and police brutality.

Previously, the System Of A Down fans even asked the band’s frontman Serj Tankian to fire John from the band. However, Serj stated that even though he didn’t agreed with John, he was like a brother to him and they decided to keep the business and the political opinions apart.

Recently on Instagram, John Dolmayan shared a message he received from a fan thanking him for not remaining silent on certain issues even though he was under pressure of losing some of his fans. In his message, the fan mentioned John was actually an idol for him as he was not afraid to share his opinions publicly and added:

“Man you have really been an idol for me. The fact that you refused to stay silent and decided to voice the obvious and go against the mainstream mob is literally breathtaking. Thank you for inspiring me and countless others! The quote is used by a disputed media outlet but nevertheless stands true because ‘Democracy dies in darkness‘.”

On the caption of his post, John Dolmayan thanked his fan for the positive message and his support. He also stated the opinions of those who didn’t agree with him and who did were equally valuable for him. John mentioned although we had our differences, at the end of the day our common goal was to make our country a better place for everyone.

Here’s what John Dolmayan stated on the caption of his latest post:

“Thanks to all of you who send positive messages of support and great arguments against my opinions! Both are valued equally, those who don’t agree, and those who do. Though we have differences of opinion we share the same goal and that should be a better society going forward.

You can see the statement John Dolmayan shared on his official Instagram account below.