Heavy metal band System of a Down‘s drummer John Dolmayan recently shared a photo on his official Instagram account, comparing Van Halen’s iconic star Sammy Hagar to Bill Clinton in terms of their sexual life.

John Dolmayan shared a picture of Van Halen’s legendary former vocalist Sammy Hagar and 42nd president of the U.S.A., Bill Clinton, with the comparison that read:

“Sammy Hagar is 70 years old. Bill Clinton is 71 years old. Sammy has over 40+ years of alcohol, drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Bill lives with Hillary.”

He shared this image with the caption that said:


Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual misconduct by four women while he was married to Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton only admitted his consensual relationship with Monica Lewinsky who was a 22-year-old intern at the time which was considered to be sexual misconduct due to power imbalance between them.

Sammy Hagar, on the other hand, admitted that he would have sex with groupies backstage while changing clothes during Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solos.

John Dolmayan’s fans enjoyed the humor and left many comments.

Eveningofthemoon said:

“He also ran an entire country for years lmao”

Jesus A. Ceballos, Jr. said:

“Just another reason why John is my favorite drummer. 😂”

You can check out John Dolmayan’s Instagram post below.

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