John Dolmayan, the drummer of System of a Down, opened up about his political views, talked about Donald Trump, and also revealed that Serj Tankian is indeed his brother-in-law, during an appearance on the Deviant Gentlemen podcast.

John Dolmayan praised Donald Trump in recent months on his official Instagram page and has accused Democrats of demonizing the president and blaming him for everything under the sun. Dolmayan‘s increased outspokenness on political issues was one topic during the interview.

But also, one explanation made by Dolmayan specifically took fans’ attention. He explained that his connection to Serj Tankian goes further than just that of two bandmates. It turns out that Dolmayan and Tankian are actually brothers-in-law.

Here is what Dolmayan said about the lead singer of System of a Down, Serj Tankian:

“We’re also brothers-in-law. We’re married to two sisters. He married the older sister, and I married the younger sister. By coincidence, of course — we didn’t plan it that way.”

While the two are not that close due to ideological differences, fans were surprised to know the fact that they are more than just bandmates, they are somehow related to each other.

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