On Instagram, System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan posted a photo of the letter he received from the Los Angeles Police Department to thank him for showing support while many people had conflicting opinions against law enforcement.

As you may remember, the drummer of System of A Down, John Dolmayan, has been the target of criticism due to his support for the 45th President of America, Donald Trump. Moreover, during the demonstrations against racism and police brutality, Dolmayan showed his reaction against the violent behaviors of the protestors via his social media accounts.

Although some of his fans and followers supported his statements, some of them shared their harsh reactions against him on social media. They even wanted the System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian to fire John from the band.

Recently on Instagram, John Dolmayan posted a photo of the letter he received from the Los Angeles Police Department to thank him for showing his support to the law enforcement, particularly during the protests against police violence and racism. In addition to the letter, the police department also sent Dolmayan some small gifts.

Here’s what was written on the letter Los Angeles Police Department sent:

John, I sincerely appreciate your support. You are courageous to publicly support law enforcement when it’s extremely unpopular. That’s a true rock n roll player! Hope you and your family are well and if you need anything let me know. This is a small token of my appreciation.”

On the caption of his post, John Dolmayan mentioned how proud he was to receive this special gift from the police department. He also stated that he would continue to show his support for the law enforcement nationwide so that the good cops would be able to ‘receive the respect they deserved‘. Lastly, John used the hashtags stating ‘blue lives matter‘ and ‘all lives matter‘ to conclude his caption.

Here’s what John Dolmayan stated on the caption of his post:

Very proud to have received this letter and gift from the Los Angeles police department. These are difficult times and today it’s popular to put down the good men and women who bravely protect us from those who have low moral character.

I appreciate law enforcement nationwide and hope the narrative changes and the bad apples among you don’t prevent the massive majority of great cops from getting the respect they deserve. #bluelivesmatter #alllivesmatter

You can see the photo John Dolmayan posted on his Instagram account below.