System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan revealed the bad side of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests and criticized the people who are using violence in the protest.

As you might remember, Donald Trump announced that a 77-year-old retired black police officer named David Dorn was killed by the looters in St. Louis while guarding a pawn shop.

After seeing this devastating news, John stated that this is not the type that people should protest. He said that these are not peaceful protests, and people should be ashamed of themselves because of this.

Here is the statement from John Dolmayan:

Injustice breeds injustice, for those of you who vilified me for calling for peaceful protests you should be ashamed of yourselves for perpetuating violence and advocating for mob justice. This man had a family too.

I don’t care how many of you condemn me for my views and defense of the president, I will fight your attempt to silence any voice that isn’t in line with your perceived morally superior views just as I would fight for your rights to have and express those views I don’t always agree with.

For those of you incapable of understanding that feel free to bash me all you like as that is also your right under the constitution but know I couldn’t care less.”

A fan named Jarrett added this comment:

“I’m just sick of all the divisiveness. This is why I hate politics it’s the cause of stuff that’s currently happening in the country right now.”

Another fan named Ruch wrote:

“Go, John, 🙏 It’s good to see a celebrity who can think for himself! Violence only brings more violence.”

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