System Of A Down‘s talented vocalist Serj Tankian posted a photo of himself with a goat on Instagram to promote his upcoming EP, ‘Elasticity,’ and the photo seemed to have a hidden meaning implying that Serj was the greatest singer of all time: ‘GOAT.’

Although System Of A Down hadn’t released any new albums since the ‘Mezmerize‘ and ‘Hypnotize‘ LPs in 2005, the band’s frontman Serj Tankian announced that he would be releasing his solo work soon. Tankian has been working on his solo EP named ‘Elasticity’ for a while now, which would be consisted rejected System Of A Down songs.

Recently on Instagram, Serj Tankian posted a black and white photo of himself posing with a goat to promote his upcoming EP. On the caption of his post, Tankian mentioned that they had been working on some ‘fun videos’ for ‘Elasticity,’ which apparently would be containing a goat. He also made fun of himself by referring to the similar goatee he had with the goat.

Here’s what Serj Tankian stated on the caption of his recent post:

Goatee contest 🙂 we’re gearing up for some fun videos for my upcoming “Elasticity” rock EP. photo by Craig Ray.

Besides promoting his forthcoming solo project, Serj Tankian’s recent photo seemed to have a hidden meaning considering the choice of animal, ‘goat.’ As you may know, the word ‘goat’ had another meaning in the history of the NBA. ‘G.O.A.T.’ stands for ‘greatest of all time,’ which was widely used to decide whether Lebron James or Michael Jordan was the best of all.

As you will see in the photo below, Serj Tankian preferred to pose with a goat to promote his solo work, which seemed like he wanted to indicate he was the greatest singer of all time.

On the comment section of Serj Tankian’s Instagram post, his friend Eric Esrailian also touch upon the issue by stating:

GOAT with a goat 🐐

You can see the photo Serj Tankian posted on his Instagram account below.