After the death of the beloved Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, a song he recorded with Edgar Winter was recently released on the album entitled ‘Brother Johnny.’ This song is the first one to be released after his death, and it’s a tribute to Winter’s brother Johnny who had also passed away before Hawkins in a hotel room.

Hawkins’ death is still an open wound in his family, friends, and fans’ hearts. He was a beloved soul who got along well with almost everyone. After he passed away in his hotel room in Columbia, where he went with his band for a concert, many of the celebrities he was friends with paid their respects and tribute to him while stating their shock and sadness over his sudden death.

Before the tragic event, Hawkins had collaborated with Edgar Winter on a new song he had written for his late brother Johnny who passed away in 2014 in a hotel room. There’s a song with deep meaning for Winter in the album entitled ‘Brother Johnny.’ The record is a tribute to his brother, but the track took a whole new level when Hawkins passed away the same way.

The album was released on April 15, and Edgar Winter talked about the song ‘Guess I’ll Go Away’ featuring Taylor Hawkins and stated his feelings. He revealed that the song turned into a tribute within a tribute and that it’s bizarre to have a song where a guy sings a tribute to someone who passed away, and then he passes away similarly himself. He described the situation as ‘compelling’ and ‘odd.’

Here is what Edgar Winter told about the song ‘Guess I’ll Go Away’ from his latest album:

“It’s such an odd happenstance. I mean, here’s a guy that’s singing a tribute song to my brother, Johnny, and he sings the song, and then passes away himself. And in similar circumstances. It’s just bizarre and very compelling.”

You can listen to the song’s original version below.