The Pretty Reckless vocalist Taylor Momsen shared an Instagram post expressing her happiness and gratitude to everyone for the success of their album ‘Going To Hell.’

Before her success as a singer, she had been known for her iconic character in Gossip Girl. Then, she has started her professional musical career as the vocalist of The Pretty Reckless. The American rock band was formed in 2009 by Taylor Momsen, Ben Philips, Mark Damon, and Jamie Perkins. They released their debut album ‘Light Me Up’ in 2010. ‘Going To Hell’ was the second album of the band which was released in 2014, and it became the band’s first top-ten album on the chart.

The Pretty Reckless had a break from their musical journey after their idol Chris Cornell’s suicide and the death of their longtime producer and friend Kato Khandwala in a motorcycle crash. Then the band reunited in 2018 to reach the healing power of the music. They came back with ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ on February 12, 2021. The album was forged with sorrow to heal tomorrow.

Along with their new album’s successful debut, seven-year-old ‘Going To Hell’ is back on the top 10 of Official Charts in the UK. After seven years, the album has been listened to and liked a lot again. Taylor Momsen shared this surprising success of their second album on the chart and thanked their fans’ appreciation on her Instagram account.

Here is what she wrote:

“Going To Hell is back in the Top 10 on the Official Charts in the United Kingdom! Thanks, everyone for continuing to listen!”

You can check out the photos and the song below.

Photo Credit: Taylor Momsen – Instagram