The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen had a recent conversation with ‘Elliot In The Morning’ and talked about many things from their new album ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ to her first reaction after hearing the unexpected death of Chirs Cornell.

As you might already remember, the legendary Soundgarden star Chris Cornell has passed away in 2017 at the age of 52. While he had been suffering deep depression, this mental issue led to his suicide. According to the official statement of the authorities, his death has ruled a suicide by hanging.

While Taylor Momsen was always a Chris Cornell fan, they went deeper in their relationship while they were touring with Soundgarden in 2017 as the opening act with The Pretty Reckless. In her latest interview, Momsen admitted that she was not emotionally ready to handle Chris Cornell’s death and shared what did they do after hearing the news.

Here is what Taylor Momsen said about Chris Cornell’s death:

“It was traumatic. We were there that night in Detroit [when Chris died]. We played the show with Soundgarden; we were opening for them. I said goodbye To Chris, gave him a hug. We stayed in the parking lot hanging out with the rest of the band — with Matt and Kim and Ben — all night long, till bus call, and drove off to the next city.

And we woke up the next morning to the news. And the weight on the bus was so unbelievably heavy. I woke up to just everyone in the front lounge crying and in utter shock.”

She continued:

“We played a few shows after that, but I got to a place where I was not okay — I was not emotionally prepared to handle that. I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t in a good place to be public, and touring was not doing it for me at the time. I couldn’t get on stage every night and pretend that I was okay when I really wasn’t.

So I canceled everything, which was maybe not the best business decision, ’cause we were in the middle of a record cycle at the time. But I went home and tried to kind of regroup and process everything and get my feet back on the ground.”

You can watch the interview below.

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