You might remember that we’ve published an article about The Pretty Reckless star and former actress Taylor Momsen this month and showed off how she was wearing a mask during her trips even way before the coronavirus outbreak.

This week, The Pretty Reckless star Taylor Momsen was the latest interview guest of 95.5 KLOS’ Marci Wiser and shared the background story of why she was wearing mask earlier.

While admitting that she has a paranoia of using Purell and masks all the time, Taylor also shared her thoughts on the states that allow performers to make live shows during the pandemic. As you will check out her statements below, she revealed she has no intention to be on stage without the whole outbreak would end.

Here is what she said:

“That makes me nervous. I’m a hypochondriac and a freak about this stuff anyway. I wear masks on airplanes regardless. I think it stems from being a singer and touring and just desperately trying to not get sick on tour.

When you’re sick on tour, it’s awful. There’s no time to recover, and you kind of never get better; you just kind of suffer through the rest of that leg.

You’re never 100 percent again until the tour is over. So my paranoia of the Purell [hand sanitizer] and the masks and everything, it’s not too different now that I don’t leave the house.”

You can click here for the source and listen to the whole interview below.