Taylor Momsen, the iconic frontwoman of the New York City-based band The Pretty Reckless, has supported the latest campaign of Stand Up America and led her fans to be a part of history by joining a record number of people, who are voting early.

As the presidential election of the US, which will be held on November 3, 2020, is pretty soon right now, the public figures and musicians have doubled the number of posts they shared about the election in order to raise awareness.

One of the most responsible and sensible social media users from the music industry, Taylor Momsen, has joined these people by indicating a quite significant movement started by a political organization, Stand Up America.

Momsen has directed her followers to the act section of the organization’s website so as to help them find the nearest, safest, and most convenient way for them to cast their votes, including in-person early vote locations and places to drop off their mail-in ballot if they already have it.

Via Instagram Stories, she unveiled that, this year, a record number of people are voting early. Momsen invited those who haven’t made a plan about voting yet to be a part of history by entering their information on Stand Up America’s act section.

Stand Up America began in the weeks after the 2016 election, when hundreds of thousands of concerned Americans came together online to organize and resist Trump’s agenda. The community has quickly grown to over two million Americans, across all 50 states, who are taking action daily.

The organization provide their followers with the information and resources they need to take meaningful action. Whether it’s an upcoming protest or calling a lawmaker about urgent legislation, the team’ll keep you informed about how you can most effectively use your voice to protect democracy.

Here’s what Taylor Momsen said in her recent story on Instagram:

“This year, a record number of people are voting early. Be a part of history. Make a plan to vote!”

You can see the story of Momsen below and check out the website she led here.

Photo Credits: Taylor Momsen – Instagram Stories