The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen posted a claret red-colored background photo on her Instagram page to support recent protests but her choice of color was the target of criticism.

While the demonstrations against police brutality and racism have been taking place in many states, social media platforms became a powerful medium for many celebrities to show their support for the protests.

Talented vocalist Taylor Momsen also posted a photo on Instagram to show her support for the cause, however, her choice of color was a bit strange. Instead of using the usual black-colored background to protest, Taylor shared a claret red-colored background which raised the question of whether she posted it by mistake.

Taylor’s Instagram post received many likes and various comments from her followers.

Here are some of the comments written by Taylor Momsen’s Instagram followers:

A fan named David wrote:

“Your solidarity is worth a lot to the world. I admire you.”

An Instagram follower named Evan Tinkham realized the difference in color and wrote:

“That shit is burgundy bro

Another follower criticized Taylor not actively participating in the protests and wrote:

I don’t see you marching on the streets tho. More empty virtue signaling.

You can see Taylor Momsen’s Instagram post below.