One of the talented new-age American stars and also a famous artist from Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen, shared a new photo on her official Instagram account today to show off one of her hottest stage photos of all time.

You might check out the photo of Taylor below that she’s wearing a tight and beige garter dress and does not show any hesitation to show off daring cleavage while doing it.

This rare frame of Taylor got almost 70K likes in a really short time. However, Taylor chose not to write many things on the caption instead of a hashtag.

Here is what she wrote:


An Instagram user and die-hard Taylor fan named Sergey Amelin made the most-liked comment under the post:

“I like your first album – a breakthrough in rock music. The second was even better. As soon as he got out I listened to him constantly. I did not like the third one as soon as it came out, but then, when I delved into the text, I understood all your thoughts and feelings when you wrote it.

I hope that the fourth album will be cool. The first song is already cool for days on repeat. Thanks for everything .. 9 years in my playlist ❤️🤘”

You can check out that daring pose of Taylor below.

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