The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen has posted a new photo of herself on her official Instagram account, revealing an extremely low-quality photo that was taken during the show.

In the photo, while performing on stage, Taylor saluted her fans with ‘the sign of the horns.’ You can also easily see the Christian cross on the back of the stage.

The photo has received over 35k likes in a really short time. Taylor left a hashtag by saying, ‘freedom’ in the caption. Instead of the really bad photo quality, almost every fan of Taylor Momsen wrote great comments for The Pretty Reckless star.

Here’s what Taylor Momsen captioned:


An Instagram user named saulos.s commented and said this:

“Beautiful pic, Taylor!! 🖤 I know you’re busy and have lots of fans to answer (and it’s hard I know 😅), but, PLEASE, I have just one question: there’s a chance to TPR come to Brazil this year???! WE LOVE YOU!! 🤘🏻🇧🇷”

Another fan named shadbar__hassan wrote this:

“Awh your absolutely gorgeous honey x 😘”

See the Instagram photo below.

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