As the whole world is on self-quarantine due to coronavirus outbreak these days, famous American star Taylor Momsen is taking to her official Instagram account for sharing the videos she’s watching on social media.

Today, Taylor Momsen posted yet another video on her account and revealed how her brain is working during the self-quarantine. Taylor also added some hashtags to advise her followers to stay inside and safe.

This recent post of Taylor took almost 20K likes in a really short time. The she shared includes one of the most famous songs of Audioslave, named ‘Cochise.’

Here is what she wrote in the caption:

“My brain during quarantine #stayinside #staysafe #listentoawesomemusic #newmusiciscoming”

An Instagram user named chrissyslab made the most-liked comment under the video:

“Love the song, video, album, band. Great stuff.”

Another Instagram personality named xxrecklessmomsenxx shared her opinion:

“I listen to awesome music thanks to you actually, from the songs you share with us to the music you make and it’s been therapeutic🤘❤”

You may check out the video and the song of Audioslave right below.