The frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless and also a former star of the Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen, has posted a recent video on her official Instagram account today and celebrated the anniversary of a huge milestone in her musical career.

After she decided to end her acting career, Taylor was asked if she plans to return portraying characters many times. Back in 2012, she was once asked if she’s going back to Gossip Girl or any other series. Taylor was loud and clear: “No, I am done with that.”

Today she posted yet another important message on her official Instagram page and celebrated the 10th anniversary of releasing her first-ever album with The Pretty Reckless, Light Me Up.

The debut album of the band was released on August 27, 2010, by Interscope Records and it managed to get much commercial success with all three singles of the album. Besides all ten tracks in the album, there were for bonus tracks in the UK, and three more in the Japanese edition of Light Me Up.

Here is the short but meaningful letter of Taylor:

“10 years ago today, our first record was released… It seems like a lifetime ago, and then like it was yesterday. Happy birthday to Light Me Up.

Every song on this record meant the world to me then, and they still do today.”

You can check out the post of Taylor and the live version of the song below.