The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen recently posted a video on her Instagram account and shared some insider-info considering the behind-the-scenes of the band’s latest video shooting.

As you know, Taylor Momsen is one of the most famous female rockstars of the 21st-century rock scene and she has been making it to our headlines with her latest posts and the fourth upcoming album of The Pretty Reckless. Momsen co-founded the successful hard rock band in 2009 and the band released their debut studio album ‘Light Me Up‘ in August 2010.

After their latest album ‘Who You Selling For,’ which was released in 2016, and ranked No.13 on the US Billboard 200 charts, the band took a long break. However, in late 2019, Momsen had said that they have started working on their fourth album ‘Death by Rock and Roll‘ and recently she announced the release date of their upcoming album.

As if The Pretty Reckless fans were not excited enough, Momsen recently posted a short video from a conversation they had before the filming of one of their new song ’25’s video clip. The shooting took place on a roof but apparently, there was something going on on the elevator too as the capacity of this elevator was a matter of discussion.

Ben Phillips, the band’s guitarist, was asking Taylor if she thinks everyone will fit there as it has a 31-people capacity. To which Momsen responded by saying ‘thats a 31 person orgy.’ Fans enjoyed seeing how much fun the band is having backstage while also questioning if the video of ’25’ actually involved more than 31 people.

Here’s the conversation featured in the video:

“Ben: says capacity 5000 lbs, max 31 passengers. 31 people are gonna fit in there? You think that’s gonna…

Taylor: That’s a 31 person orgy…

Alie: That’s a fuckin’ Sunday night orgy you little puss.”

Here’s what Momsen said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“Behind the scenes of the ’25’ video shoot… Alie Jo and Steph taking the elevator to the roof… shot by Jón Prospero #deathbyrockandroll”

Click here to check out the video that Momsen posted on her Instagram account and you can watch the video clip of ’25’ below.