American rock band The Pretty Reckless’ frontwoman and also former model, Taylor Momsen, was the latest interview guest of Forbes journalist Quentin Singer and talked about hard times of the nonexistent live music industry while mentioning the upcoming projects of the band.

According to Taylor, Pretty Reckless’s next step is trying to figure out how to make videos and visuals during the self-quarantine conditions and protecting themselves from the coronavirus. She also stated that he did not join a band not to play and they’re going to figure not being on stage out in a short time soon.

After being asked how Pretty Reckless is holding up without having any live shows, Taylor confessed that these are harsh times for the band and it’s getting a bit brutal for both them and the whole music industry.

Forbes’ Quentin Singer asked:

“We’re in the midst of what usually is prime time rock touring and festival season. How are you, the band, and the band’s crew all holding up under in what’s currently a nonexistent live music industry?”

Taylor Momsen responded:

“I mean it’s hard to complain because so many people have it so much worse, but it’s getting a bit brutal. It’s very bizarre to release music and not be able to play it live. Like I’ve been saying, we have a number one song and we’ve never played it in front of an audience before, it’s crazy.

So it’s starting to wear on all of us, and I think we’re all still hoping for the best and trying to keep our spirits positive with working from home. I’ve been making the quarantine videos and doing remote recordings and stuff, but it’s not the same, we just miss it, we desperately miss it.

I keep saying I’ll never complain about touring again, and I’ll never take it for granted again because man I’m dying to get back on the road. But hopefully, this clears up sooner than later and we can get back to a semblance of the new normal, or whatever it’s going to end up being.”

You can watch the latest video clip of Pretty Reckless right below.

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