During a recent interview with Sophie K on Kerrang! Radio, The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen Kerrang! Radio talked about her new album ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ and opened up about her views considering the place of rock and roll in mainstream culture.

Taylor Momsen is one of the rockstars who has been making it to our headlines quite often lately. As you may recall, the band was rumored to be working on a new album since 2019, and in late 2020, Momsen had announced that The Pretty Reckless’ new album ‘Death By Rock And Roll‘ will be released in 2021.

In the summer of 2020, the band released the first single ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ of their new album which soon became a huge success and increased their fans’ excitement. After releasing a couple more singles, Momsen announced that the whole album will be released on February 12.

The Pretty Reckless’s new album ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ was released just yesterday and you can listen to one of the most favorite tracks of the new album ‘Only Love Can Save Me Now‘ below. During a recent interview, Momsen talked about the band’s recent album and explained what rock and roll means to her as a musician.

She said that ‘is so much more than a genre’ as it also embodies a specific culture and a specific community at the margins of society. Momsen said that in comparison to pop which has always been the mainstream, rock and roll has been there for the underdogs on the ‘outskirts of society’ and thus, it has a lot of depth.

Here’s what Taylor Momsen said in her recent interview:

“First of all, rock and roll is just awesome, and if you disagree with me, I think you’re wrong. Because rock and roll is so much more than a genre. And I think that everything wants to define, especially nowadays, with the way that music is distributed and listened to and heard…

Rock and roll has always been there — it’s just always been on the outskirts of society; it’s always been there for the underdogs; it’s something you had to search for. And it has its moments in the sun where it takes over. But pop’s the mainstream thing, and that’s fine.

Because rock and roll is so much more important than that. It has so many layers to it; it has so much depth. It’s soul food. It’s something that you need, at least for me. I need it the same way I need food and water and oxygen — I need it to survive. And it surpasses just a genre, especially now that there’s active rock and modern rock and hard rock…”

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