The Pretty Reckless frontwoman who is also known as the former actress of Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen, has been the latest interview guest of The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern and talked about their latest album named ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ as well as her acting career.

While Taylor Momsen has chosen to continue her career as a musician, she has played many unforgettable roles like Gretel in Hansel and Gretel and President’s daughter in Spy Kids 2. However, her character named Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl was the most astonishing one and fans are still wanting to see Taylor in that role.

You may already follow up, Gossip Girl Reboot was just started filming by HBO Max this month and its release has been set to 2021. In her latest interview, Taylor Momsen was asked if she plans to return to Hollywood as well as playing in Gossip Girl Reboot.

According to Taylor, the music is still where can be herself, and has no plans to return acting. However, she also added that people should never say ‘never’ in their lives.

Here is what Taylor Momsen said:

“No, I don’t have any plans to be any part of the reboot. But we are living in a very strange time right now, so never say never to anything—that’s kind of my rule of thumb of life, because who knows what the future’s going to hold.

But… no. It’s not something that I have any plans to do. I do think it’ll be really interesting to see. I never really watched the show when it was on the air. I don’t really ever like watching myself. It makes me uncomfortable. So, I don’t think I realized at the time what kind of cultural phenomenon the show was.”

She continued:

“Because it was so based on technology, which at the time was so burgeoning—our character got the new ‘hip’ phone every season, and it was like the razr—and now with social media and the way everything’s transformed so quickly, it’ll be interesting to see how they take that same concept and bring it into the modern era. Maybe I can finally watch it now.”

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