Taylor Momsen, the frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless, has taken Instagram to announce a new song from the band’s upcoming album, ‘Death by Rock and Roll,’ with an animated video, showing the way to escape from the world through the magic of Halloween.

The talented singer and actress, Taylor Momsen, has come up with great news one after another on Instagram lately. A couple of days ago, she has shared the lineup of the Aftershock Festival 2021, in which they will be taking part.

Most recently, Momsen has posted an animated video by Richard Bailey, in which three witches jump on their broomsticks to escape from all the craziness of the world in the most mysterious time of the year.

With this Halloween-themed video, Taylor Momsen has revealed that The Pretty Reckless will release their new song, ‘Broomsticks,’ from their upcoming album on November 13, 2020.

As you may remember, in November 2019, Momsen revealed on Instagram that the band was working on their fourth studio album with Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.

In February 2020, she confirmed the album’s completion and revealed its title, ‘Death by Rock and Roll.’ The lead single, which is the title track of the album, was released on May 15, 2020. The album will be released in 2021 via Fearless Records.

Here’s what Taylor Momsen said in her latest Instagram post:

“Trick or treat. Halloween. ‘Broomsticks.’ ‘Death by Rock and Roll.’ DxRnR 🎃🎃🎃Animated and directed by Richard Bailey.”

You can see the post below.