The Pretty Reckless frontwoman who is known as a former actress, Taylor Momsen, was recently interviewed by Indira Cesarine of ‘The Untitled Magazine’ and talked about the death of his best friend and also the producer Kato as well as how he inspired naming their latest album.

You might already follow the music career of Taylor, it was not the first time she had to handle someone’s death and did whatever she can do to continue making music. Back in 2017, The Pretty Reckless was touring with Soundgarden, and just after they had a gig in Detroit, Chris committed suicide by hanging himself.

In her latest interview with The Untitled Magazine Taylor was asked what was the inspiration behind the title of their upcoming album named ‘Death By Rock And Roll.’ While answering the question, she remembered the late producer of The Pretty Reckless named Kato and admitted that Kato was the one who kept that title ringing in her head.

Here is what Taylor Momsen told:

“‘Death by Rock and Roll’ started out as a phrase that Kato, our producer who passed and who was my best friend in the world, used to say all the time. It was kind of an ethic that we lived our life by, back in 2008 when we formed the band.

It was this code of ‘Death by Rock and Roll’ which was not morbid at all – it came from a place of  ‘live life your own way, go out your own way, don’t let anyone tell you differently – rock and roll till I die…”

She continued:

“So it’s very much like a battle cry for life. And when he passed that phrase just kept ringing in my head and I couldn’t get it out. It just made a lot of sense. It was the start of this album.

I can say this is probably the first album that I had titled before I had actually written all of the material for it.”

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