Taylor Momsen, the frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless, shared a post on her official Instagram page after Eddie Van Halen’s death. Momsen’s farewell message was touching as she talked about Van Halen’s influence and thanked him for his music.

Wolfgang Van Halen, the son of the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, announced devastating news on his official Twitter account yesterday. Wolfgang shared a post stating that Eddie Van Halen passed away due to his long battle with cancer. After this announcement, everyone started sharing messages for the iconic guitarist and remembered his music and influence.

The Pretty Reckless’ frontwoman Taylor Momsen was not an exception. She also shared a post on her official Instagram page and paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen. While everyone is heartbroken after the news, Momsen stated that Van Halen‘s influence and music will live forever and also thanked him for everything.

Here is what Taylor Momsen said about Eddie Van Halen:

“This is a very hard one to take for so many of us… His influence and his music will go on forever, thank you for everything Eddie Van Halen RIP.”

You can see the Instagram post below.