American singer who is well-known for his narrative songwriting, Taylor Swift, has posted a new tweet after making an interview with Paul McCartney for Rolling Stones’ latest issue and showed her respect to The Beatles legend once again.

You may already follow-up on our recently released article that The Beatles’ Paul McCartney was the latest interview guest of Taylor Swift for the ‘Musician On Musician’ section of the magazine.

While the couple has talked lots of things from Paul McCartney’s multi-instrumentalist personality to his latest album, Taylor paid her tribute to Paul at every chance she gets. Today she took her official Twitter account and continued to show her respect to Paul.

While Taylor has shared the interview she made recently, she also stated that Paul is the loveliest person she has ever met. In the same tweet, she also mentioned the photographer of the cover issue who is the daughter of Paul, Mary McCartney.

Here is what Taylor Swift wrote:

“It only took one day to confirm what I had suspected for years: Paul McCartney is the loveliest person alive. Thank you Rolling Stones making this happen. ‘The Musicians on Musicians’ Issue is out now. 🙏”

You can see the tweet below.