Ted Nugent recently appeared on The Nightly Nuge, which is the platform he uses to present his opinions on the current issues each weeknight. The rocker targeted social media companies and their decision to block users from using their platforms.

The rocker has remained on the agenda for a while with his statements on social media. He actively uses his social media accounts to talk about social, political, and cultural issues. Some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have blocked several conservative accounts by claiming that they violated their terms of service, which concerns Nugent as well.

Nugent has been critical of social media companies’ take on this issue and thinks it violates free speech and open communication. He also pointed out a few times in his previous conversations that he wouldn’t be surprised if he were banned from social media at any time soon. He even has a backup plan in case of a future ban.

During a recent conversation on his new show, the rocker once again talked about this issue. He stated that he had 25 million and 36 million Facebook reach before Donald Trump was elected in 2016. However, a few weeks after the elections, his reach dropped down to 3,5 million.

Nugent thinks that these large social media companies were probably uncomfortable with the political climate, so they banned some conservative users. However, for him, it is against the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of expression at every level.

Ted Nugent speaking on the change in his Facebook account:

“I had between 25 million and 36 million Facebook reach in 2016 before we got the outsider, the non-politician, the non-status quo guy elected president. But once Donald Trump, who was on the fast track to making things much better for America on every level, every policy that Donald Trump implemented made a better quality of life in the United States Of America, and quite honestly all around the world.

We could name all those examples, but people who pay attention know what those examples are. And I went from between 25 million and 36 million Facebook reaches within a few weeks of the election down to 3.5 million Facebook reaches. And right now, on my Facebook, I get on every day and talk about every imaginable subject because nothing is sacred, and the First Amendment covers everything.

If I say something, like promoting hunting or promoting marksmanship or our Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids charity, teaching children safe firearms handling and archery and hunting, fishing, trapping, all of a sudden it goes from hundreds of thousands of reach to a few dozen. They probably have a gang of fact-checkers. Fact-checkers are anything but fact-checkers. They’re opinionated little dirtbags that crush anything that is uncomfortable to the uncomfortably dumb in Big Tech.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.