Rock veteran Ted Nugent shared a post on his official Instagram account and showed how he trains in the gun range. Furthermore, Nugent warned his fans about protecting themselves as the world has become more dangerous than ever, and his advice is to bear arms and become a member of USCCA.

As many of you already know, the controversial rocker Ted Nugent advocates the right to bear arms and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association. Much like every other sensitive matter, Nugent previously made bold statements about guns, such as when he shared a photo on his Facebook account back in 2016, implying that Jews are behind the push for gun control.

Last year, Uncle Ted shared a post on his official Facebook page stressing how irresponsible it is not to carry a gun since it makes an individual incredibly vulnerable. Being a firm supporter of USCCA, Nugent reminded his fans to become a member of the association to practice their fundamental human rights.

In the Facebook post, Nugent wrote:

It is irresponsible to be unarmed and helpless. You are taking a serious chance if you are not a member of the United States Concealed Carry Association USCCA who will stand up for this most basic of rights.”

Since Ted Nugent likes to constantly remind his fans about some views he passionately supports, such as the coronavirus being a hoax, he recently shared a post on his official Instagram page dedicated to the right to bear arms.

In the video, Nugent started by showing his gunning skills by aiming at five targets and shooting them perfectly in a row. Following his show, the rocker stated that he practices this every day because it’s entertaining and a responsibility. Furthermore, Uncle Ted said training and learning the law has become more important than ever and advised his fans to become members of USCCA as soon as possible.

Nugent reminded his fans about USCCA in the IG video:

“I do this every day because it’s fun and it’s a responsibility. Make sure that you are a member of Unites States Concealed Carry Association. The world has never been uglier, and now training tactics and law are more important than ever. But the most important thing is never to be unarmed and helpless. Know that your life is worth protecting. You have a duty.”

Regardless of his controversial statements and strong beliefs, Ted Nugent seemed incredibly in shape while shooting those targets in the video. Whatever he’s doing in his everyday life seems to be working perfectly for him since Nugent is now 72 years old and looks healthier and more energetic than ever.