American rock music veteran and also known as a die-hard political activist, Ted Nugent, has posted a recent photo on his official Instagram account and celebrated his 32nd birthday with his lovely wife Shemane Nugent.

Ted Nugent and Shemane have met while he was the guest of Detroit’s WLLZ-FM which she was a member of the radio stuff. They’ve married in 1989 and the couple has a child named Rocco Winchester Nugent who is also a musician just like his father.

After Ted shared the post, over 40K people liked the post of the couple, including Shemane herself. Later on, Shemane took her own Instagram account and shared a simple and plain message while tagging Ted on the post.

Ted Nugent wrote this in the caption of the photo:

“Well hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah! As my soulmate Shemane and I are about to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary my mom and dad would’ve celebrated their 75th this year!

Good luck GodSpeed soulmates everywhere!”

Here is what Shemane Nugent wrote on her own post:

“Happy 32nd Anniversary baby!”

Click here and here for the photos of the couple.