Rock veteran and conservative political activist Ted Nugent revealed that both he and his wife Shemane have been receiving death threats while telling the story of a person who broke into their property in a recent Facebook live stream.

As you probably know, Nugent has become widely known for his controversial statements about social and political matters, which have come to overshadow his career as a rockstar that spans over five decades. Nugent has often targeted people who refuse to agree with him, which has caused a lot of hate.

It seems that Nugent’s most controversial statement was about Covid-19 being a fabricated virus to damage Trump’s presidency. He had previously stated that he had received letters wishing him and his family dead while struggling with the virus, which he contracted after claiming it was a hoax.

Ted Nugent repeated that he and his wife Shemane are getting death threats all the time during his live stream when Shemane started to tell a story about an intruder. According to him, the reason behind these threats is that he is always fighting for the people’s rights and common sense.

Shemane Nugent talked about the intruder saying:

“One day, we had a problem with the gate, and I had seen that somebody came and drove into the gate. This guy probably thought that ‘Oh my god! They’re opening the gate for me, and I got to go into Ted’s property.’ So I called Ted, and you met him with a very welcoming behavior.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“I had a Magnum and loaded it. This was right after some celebrity had been killed. Someone stalked him, and nobody stopped the stalker, and he ended up killing that person. Anyhow, I was in fear of my life, plus we get death threats all the time. Because I stand up for god, family, country, constitution, ten commandments, law, and order. I stand up for radical stuff. So, we literally get people threatening to kill our family, so I sent these people my itinerary.”

It seems clear that both Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane have gotten used to receiving death threats because of their statements. Ted Nugent emphasized that he was doing the right thing and he will be ready when these people come to harm him and his family.