Rock veteran Ted Nugent recently revealed his thoughts on animal rights in a new episode of The Nightly Nuge. According to the rocker, only humans have rights, so the animals are there to utilize.

The issue of animal rights is just one of the other topics Ted Nugent has expressed controversial opinions that received a severe backlash. Despite all the harsh responses, the rocker constantly targets animal rights activists and vegans who don’t share his views. He even once claimed to receive death threats from animal rights supporters.

Also, being a long-term defender of both gun ownership and hunting, Nugent previously defended Kid Rock when he killed a mountain lion and stood against the ones who targeted him. He also illegally shot and killed an American black bear in Alaska and then pleaded guilty in 2012. He agreed to two years of probation and a $10,000 fine.

During his recent appearance, the rocker has again made some statements targeting animal rights activists. Ted Nugent stated that the activists’ statements on protecting animal rights are all scams and lies. According to Nugent, we can only talk about human rights. Thus, he doesn’t think animals have any rights. For Nugent, ‘animals are ours to utilize,‘ so people are free to hunt them since it doesn’t threaten the balance in nature.

Uncle Ted speaking on animal rights:

“The animal rights people have convinced mushy-brained people of their scam because the concept of available rights, it’s a scam, it’s a lie. Humans have rights; animals are ours to utilize in the balance based on science sustained yield habitat carrying capacity. My goodness, why hasn’t any of these sentences ever been set in a school in America?”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.