During a recent interview with ‘Behind The Vinyl,’ iconic rock veteran Ted Nugent talked about the difficulties of touring after four decades of career since the release of his first solo album.

The 71-year-old rocker said that he missed some of the tours such as Europe and England but knew his limits of the touring. In addition, he stated that it would be a miracle although he wanted to tour again.

Here’s what Ted Nugent stated:

“I wanna tour around the globe. I miss England and Europe. I’ve never been to Australia. I miss touring around the world, but a good man knows his limitations.

I’ve gotta tell ya, it would be a miracle if I ever tour other than the United States ever again. There’s a good chance of Canadian dates, ’cause it’s nearby, but I just don’t have the energy or capabilities of that damn flight. It beats the shit out of me.”

He continued:

“I went to Okinawa to play for the marines, and it took me three or four weeks to get really healthy again… I think it’s just age. That long flight — I can’t sleep on an airplane. The first thing to go to terrorize your immune system and your health is lack of sleep. So, again, I know what my limits are, and I’m not taking any drugs to mitigate those conditions. I’d rather just eat back straps.

So I think if somebody wants to hear the greatest killer music in the world, they have to come to the United States and watch me and Greg [Smith, bass] have the time of our lives. It’s very, very, very celebratory.”

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