During a recent interview with ‘The Buck Sexton Show,’ iconic rock veteran Ted Nugent has shared his thoughts about Donald Trump and his performance as a president of the United States.

Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane Nugent are die-hard supporters of Donald Trump, and they show their support to him at every opportunity.

As you may recall, Donald Trump recently made a suggestion to the possibility of injecting disinfectants into people’s bodies as a treatment method for the coronavirus disease. The publicly criticized President Trump with the harsh words, although Trump said that he was being sarcastic on this issue.

Despite all these controversial statements of Donald Trump, Ted Nugent still says that he liked his presidential methods, and he’s the right person for the presidency.

When asked how many rates do he gives to Donald Trump’s presidential performance, Nugent said that he gave him the A+ rating by stating Trump had all the skills to become the President of the United States.

Here’s what Ted Nugent stated:

“Donald Trump is as close to Ted Nugent as you’ll ever get in politics. He knows he’s on the right course. He knows about logistics and responsibility and accountability.

He knows about the Constitution — that it’s a God-given guarantee of God-given individual rights that our founding fathers roped out because we didn’t believe in kings and emperors and despots and slavedrivers, even though we had to get over that embarrassing, horrific chapter.”

He continued:

“So, when you give Trump a rating, I give him an A+, just because if you’re driving such clear and present idiots that crazy, that’s gold in my world. I mean, I do not intentionally drive idiots crazy, but I just stand up for truth, logic, common sense — self-evident truth.

You know, that I have the right to choose my own religion; I have the right to have privacy in my home; I get to keep and bear arms — not just the king and his henchmen punks; et cetera, et cetera.

So I give President Trump an A to A+, just for the fact that he is going into uncharted territory. He’s like Lewis and Clark of politics right now with this pandemic and the abuse of the media — the unbridled dishonesty and hate from the left.

I mean, I deal with it. They call me a pedophile, they call me a draft dodger, they claim I dissed the Native Americans. Lies, lies, lies — because they can’t debate me. They are incapable of debating me.

All you have to do is Google my different debates and watch me eat the face of the idiots that try to tell me that my truth, logic, and common sense ain’t accurate.”

He added:

“So, I love President Trump and his team. I think he is burdened by some of the excess baggage of past administrations, but he is unshackling that at a real rapid pace.

And I pray for the man every day, and his family. And I think he was sent here as a non-politician to represent ‘we the people’ more accurately than any administration I can remember.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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