The veteran rock musician and conservative political activist Ted Nugent recently posted a new episode of his ‘Ted Nugent’s Spirit Campfire’ show, in which he spoke up for his right to celebrate Thanksgiving however he wants while criticizing the government officials concerning the latest restrictions due to Covid-19.

As you may know, some states such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and North Carolina have declared that there will be a 10-person limit considering the number of people that can be invited for Thanksgiving into families’ houses.

In his last episode of Ted Nugent’s Spirit Campfire show, Ted Nugent shared his frustration with the new restrictions on how Thanksgiving will be celebrated this year. He called the people responsible for making that decision ‘dirty, rotten, soulless bastards‘ for preventing them from having the Thanksgiving they want with their families.

He called the restrictions an ‘ugliness‘ and told his viewers that what they need to do is escape this ugliness and then raise hell so that the people in positions of power learn their lesson.

Furthermore, Ted claimed that Thanksgiving belongs to the people and thus, the people in positions of power are not in charge of how many people a family can invite. While some agreed with Ted Nugent’s statement, others disagreed and supported the effectiveness of the restrictions.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said about the new Thanksgiving restrictions in the United States:

“There are dirty, rotten, soulless bastards in positions of power that are trying to tell us how we can celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. We need to escape that ugliness — not turn our back on it because we need to raise hell and let our mayors and our governors and our senators and congressmen know: you can’t tell me how many people I have at Thanksgiving. Just shut the expletive. You’re not in charge of my Thanksgiving. We are in charge of our Thanksgiving. You’ve got to express that to those people.”

He continued by saying:

“If everybody out there in America wants to be the ultimate ‘we the people’ and experiment the ultimate self-government, express yourself firmly. You don’t scream; you don’t swear at ’em. I’m tempted to, but I don’t. But I make sure they answer my questions. And if they don’t, I tell ’em I’ll call ’em back later.

It’s two o’clock on Monday. You can’t answer this question now. How about if I call you on Wednesday at two o’clock? Because I’m not gonna let you off the hook. You’re gonna answer these questions or I’m gonna spread the word that you’re a power abuser and we’re gonna fire you.'”

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