Rock veteran Ted Nugent recently slammed the late-night show hosts during one of his live streams and claimed that they are just ‘absolute pricks.’

A known anti-vaxxer and a person who believes the coronavirus disease is a hoax, Ted Nugent got into a war of words with Jimmy Kimmel back in 2021. Due to his views against wearing masks and getting vaccinated, Kimmel targeted Nugent during one of his shows.

Following that, Ted Nugent issued a statement to respond to Kimmel. He stated that he prayed for Kimmel’s sick son because he is a good person, but Kimmel enjoys people’s suffering. The musician then told the late-night show host he lacks the courage to invite him to his show as he can easily beat him in an argument.

Later on, Nugent went on to say that Kimmel is not a good example to his son as he is a ‘shitty father.’ In October, the musician also attacked the other late-night show hosts along with Kimmel, saying that he would be Caitlyn Jenner’s boy-toy if they were really funny.

During one of his recent live streams on YouTube, Ted Nugent yet again targeted the late-night show hosts. He stated that his humor is better than theirs, and described Jimmy Kimmel as a leftist, America-hating, lying, hateful scum. Moreover, the musician also called Kimmel a prick.

Following that, Nugent argued one needs to be an ‘absolute prick’ to become a late-night show host. He then mentioned Johnny Carson and recalled when David Letterman first started his shows, saying how good Letterman was in the past. However, according to Nugent, they now have turned into ‘hateful, lying, anti-American pricks.’

Ted Nugent said during his live stream the following:

“Are you enjoying this? This is fun. Isn’t this better than the late-night talk show a*sholes? Isn’t it? You know, the leftist, America-hating, lying, hateful scum Jimmy Kimmel, and whoever those other guys that co-bear… What a prick!

I mean, you have to be an absolute prick to be a late-night talk show host anymore. Remember Johnny Carson, and when Letterman first started. How good he was! Now they’ve just turned into a gang of hateful, lying, anti-American pricks.”

You can watch the video below.