American rock music veteran and guitarist, Ted Nugent, was recently interviewed by Newsmax TV’s official YouTube channel and discussed the current President Biden’s calls for firearm reform as well as the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol.

As you might already follow our recently published articles about Nugent that recently, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and admitted that he thought he was dying these days, and could not crawl out of bed for a while. Right after his announcement, he made a new live stream on his Facebook account and responded to people who slammed him while claiming that he never denied the existence of the virus.

Last week, the musician and outdoorsman was the guest of Newsmax and shared his thoughts on Joe Biden’s latest decision to put stricter gun laws to prevent gun deaths and injuries in the United States. In the interview, Ted called Joe Biden ‘a freak in the White House’ by claiming America is the only place in the world that you can have individual freedoms.

Here is what Nugent said:

“I’ve gotta tell you, I hang around with a lot of great families every day of my life here in Texas, and I’m in communication with great families all over the world. I think the most important indicator right now is not the self-evident truth that we the people of the United States Of America stand for and continue to believe in and celebrate, but around the world, I’m hearing from people from every corner of the planet going, ‘Uncle Ted, what the hell are you guys letting happen to America?

We look to America as the last, an only good place where you have individual freedoms as guaranteed by that sacred Constitution and Bill Of Rights. They’re looking at America right now literally with this freak in the White House and his gang that violates their oath every day, the rest of the world is sitting back and going, ‘America, you’d better put the brakes on, because you’re turning into Portland and San Francisco and homeless and feces and needles and exploding crime rates that are engineered.’ So, that pulse of goodwill and decency is alive and well out here.”

You can check out the conversation below.

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