Famous rock music expert and also a well-known Trump supporter, Ted Nugent posted a recent photo on his verified Instagram page today and celebrated his followers’ Christmas.

As you might all know, Ted Nugent achieved lots of accomplishments as a hunter. While he’s in that state, Ted chose to say ‘Merry Christmas‘ to his fans with yet another animal hunting photo.

Here is what Ted wrote with the photo he shared:

“I aim small miss small therefore I am!! GA Precision .308 Silencerco suppressor Bushnell scope & Cimarron Arms 1894 30-30 sniperFUN!

Merry Backstrap Christmas everybody!”

A user named dougvorpahl commented:

“Merry Xmas Ted! Big bucks, Trump in the White House, life is good! 2020 gonna be a great year also.”

Another user named sgibbs308 wrote this:

“Never seen a cut from a deer like that. Nice.”

Ted’s follower, zacharybildury responded:

“@sgibbs308 do you think it’s the part of the backstrap that is right above the ribcage?”

Check out the photo of Ted below.