The American singer, guitarist, and activist Ted Nugent shared his thoughts about the Black Lives Matter movement once again and stated in an interview shared by Jason Whitlock on Twitter that LeBron James can save lives, but he doesn’t.

Ted Nugent has lately been more present in the activism scene rather than the music world. He has criticized the Black Lives Matter movement several times and even claimed that it encourages discrimination.

The Black Lives Matter movement started in July 2013 when the American Citizens stood up for police brutality and police violence against black people. The movement has widened internationally, especially after George Floyd was violently murdered by a police officer named Derek Chauvin and gained recognition as the biggest movement against racism. 

Ted Nugent is one of those who deny that racism exists in the United States and believes that the movement is a terrorist organization. He had also blamed Black Lives Matter for the 2021 Capitol riots and claimed that the organization’s members are the government’s pawns. 

In a recent video interview on Skype, he stated that racism in America would end if a famous black person went up and spoke about it to children. According to Nugent, that would help save black lives. Although he didn’t talk about the police brutality motivated by racism, he argued that the NBA star LeBron James could help black people if he wanted to.

Here is the advice he gave to LeBron James:

“So, the race-baiters. I don’t know if there’s any hope for them. If there really was an organization whose title was honest, and if that title was Black Lives Matter and it was an honest title, they would move to Chicago.

They would set up camp in Chicago, and they would probably get, I don’t know these famous athletes because I am not a spectator sports guy. LeBron James! How about LeBron James goes to Chicago and gathers all these intercity kids and go: ‘just be good, stop it with the help wanted sign, carry yourself with dignity, don’t hurt each other, don’t rob each other, don’t shoot each other, don’t stab each other, let us all love each other.’

Do you know that LeBron James could probably save ten thousand black lives this year? But instead, he’s fanning the flames of the system by which they’re slaughtering each other.”

Nugent had also previously claimed that there is no white supremacy or systematic racism in America. Because the Black Lives Matter movement emerged due to the racially motivated violence against black people, some Twitter users stated that it is silly for him to put the responsibility of ending it to an athlete like James.

You can see the video shared by Jason Whitlock on Twitter below.