A famous rock music veteran who is known as the die-hard supporter of former president Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, has made a recent Facebook Live stream on his verified account yesterday and talked about the current president of The United States, Joe Biden.

As you might already remember, Ted Nugent has shared a bunch of stuff on his social media after Joe Biden declared his victory against Donald Trump and claimed that there is a lot of evidence of election fraud. However, both Twitter and Facebook have flagged his posts because of giving false or misleading information.

In his latest Facebook stream, Ted Nugent claimed that Joe Biden lacks forming a proper sentence and he is the worst possible United States president ever. He also defended his right to keep and bear arms once again by saying, ‘Yeah motherf*ckers, well, come and take it.’

Here is what Ted Nugent said on his live stream:

“I believe in ‘Come And Take It’, I believe in the Second Amendment, I believe in the God-given right and the individual, pure, natural human instinct to self-defense.

And when you’ve got a bunch of Marxist, communist traitors infesting our government, who actually declare they’re going to confiscate our firearms and violate their sacred oath to the Constitution by infringing on our right to keep and bear arms, then all across this great nation, people are saying, ‘Yeah, motherfuckers, well, come and take it.'”

He continued:

“And so now, I can’t keep up with the demand for this 2021 battle cry declaration of independence, the right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Bill Of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

A clear and self-evident truth, God-given individual right, a pure instinct of self-defense from any evil, no matter what form it may take, especially when it looks and sounds and embarrasses us, like the president of the United States, who can’t form a sentence, who is the worst human possible to represent the United States Of America.”

You can watch the whole stream right below.

Posted by Ted Nugent on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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