One of the most talented guitarists of all time and famous United States patriot, Ted Nugent, was the latest interview guest of David Harris Jr.’s daily show on his official YouTube channel.

You may already familiar with the ideas of Ted about the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ movement that spread to the streets that he thinks that’s part of a bigger plan to destroy America in a really short matter.

In his latest interview with David, Ted exposed his thoughts on the movement once again and claimed that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement has nothing to do with black people or black lives in any matter. According to Ted, the movement is a Marxist and anti-American.

As Ted shares his thoughts, he also reminded that he has been a sheriff deputy for 41 years and this is how he can see things clearly as daylight

Here is what he said:

“When they said ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ in Ferguson, nobody’s hands were up and nobody got shot with their hands up. A bad guy was shot in self-defense by an officer who was about to have his weapon wrestled from his grip. And we all know, statistically — I studied this, ’cause I’ve been a sheriff deputy for 41 years; I’ve conducted federal raids with some good FBI and ATF, DEA and U.S. marshall agents.

I’ve been in the belly of the life-and-death beast, kicking down doors at 4 a.m. to go gather up a murderer that some judge and prosecutor and parole board let out to murder again. So I have a perspective on this stuff that I don’t think any citizens have.”

He continued:

“When you are in a struggle for your life by a savage, escalating, violent perpetrator, who would limit the tactical capabilities of the victim, especially a law enforcement victim, when he has a certain number of tactics he’s trained to get home that night, to save his life, and, in the process, save the innocent lives that this violent maniac will certainly jeopardize and likely take?”

You can watch the whole interview of Ted Nugent below.

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