Ted Nugent, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and political activist, recently shared an article, in Hook&Bareel, named ‘I Am A Primitive Man’ unveiling his experience in the wild increased happiness and quality in his life.

Ted Nugent grew up in a military family; his father was a career army sergeant. Nugent himself never served in the military but as a child, he was introduced to archery at a young age.

Ted Nugent, in his article, mostly talks about finding a balance in his life between city life and his soul-cleansing, according to him, adventures in nature. Nugent makes it clear that he accomplished stability among the modern metropolitan ‘combat zone’ and with the world’s spirit of the wild as an actual functioning participant in nature.

Here is what he said:

“Dirty hands make for a stronger heart and a cleaner soul. I just made that up. Well, I didn’t really make it up per se, but after a lifetime intentionally maximizing my adventures in wild places, it certainly has provided me a wealth of real estate under my fingernails, and the resultant dirt factor in my life has clearly increased my quality of life and happiness; Hence, my stronger heart and cleaner soul

It is an inescapable foregone conclusion the way I see it and live it.”

Nugent also ties a connection between traditional bows and humanity’s origins. He opens up about the inner peace he gets when he uses his bow. He states that the subconscious guides him from the physical world into the spiritual zone.

Here is what Nugent said about bows:

“There is something about the natural extension of old traditional bows that force us to discover our inner, natural point of aim, not unlike the skill developed with a baseball or football after extended, dedicated practice and dedication.

Shooting an old-fashioned bow instinctively with no sights at close range literally brings out an inner Samurai focus that when applied to a modern compound bow with sight-pins, peep-site, and mechanical-release aid, will dramatically improve our imprinted shot sequence and overall accuracy.”

Nugent also advises people to find out their inner strength, furthermore, be closer to the world and nature. He stated this:

“Do not deny yourself the ultimate escape from the modern world as often as you can muster, for closer to the bone, down and dirty, back to our origins, down to earth, grounded, primordialwill not only better prepare you for our sacred fall season of harvest but will indeed serve us well to fortify us for the ever-increasing insanity the world hits us upside the head with more and more each and every day.

Go ahead, be Ishi, be Cochise, be Sitting Bull, be Fred Bear! Be down to earth! Get that graceful, lightweight, effortlessly drawn barebow, and make every arrow the arrow, then watch your compound killing range increase post haste. May the backstraps flow like manna from heaven. Be the silent primal scream!”

You can reach the source of the statement here.