Ted Nugent, the rock musician and conservative political activist, has revealed that Facebook reduced his reach from 36 million to under 4 million and has been censoring him hourly every day as he cursed the platform.

As you know, the veteran musician Ted Nugent has been targetting the liberals and all kinds of leftist movements on social media for so long. Has been one of the greatest supporters of Donald Trump, Nugent often criticizes the Democrat party and the ones who say they’re going to vote for Biden.

As you may remember, Ted Nugent has called out several labels and organizations, including Facebook, the enemies of America on one of his recent posts. Nugent also openly attacked Joe Biden and his supporters during his latest interview. He said about Biden that he abuses the power and called the ones who will vote for him stupid.

Recently, Nugent has shared a post about hunting and one of his fans commented on it by saying he hopes Facebook’s new terms of service don’t gut Ted’s communications. Nugent responded to his fan and revealed that the social media platform has already gutted his account.

Ted Nugent stated that Facebook, celebrating the truth logic commonsense, reduced his reach from 36 million in 2016 to under 4 million now. He also added that they are censoring him hourly every day. Nugent called the team of Facebook the ‘Nazi motherfuckers.’

Here is what the fan, whose name is Ray, said in his comment to Nugent:

“Awesome, hope Facebook’s new ‘terms of service’ that go in effect Oct 1 doesn’t gut your communications.”

Ted Nugent responded as:

“They have already gutted this truth logic commonsense celebration reducing my reach from 36 million in 2016 to under 4 million now and censoring me hourly every fucking day. Nazi motherfuckers.”

You can see the post, that Nugent revealed a fact about Facebook in the comments, below.

Gepostet von Ted Nugent am Mittwoch, 2. September 2020