Ted Nugent recently did a livestream on his Facebook account in which he dared Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello to be a guest on his podcast.

As you know, Ted Nugent does not hesitate to reveal his hate towards Michael Moore, a committed liberal who won an Oscar for a documentary that targeted the gun industry. This isn’t that surprising since Nugent is an outspoken conservative and a relentless supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. So, Moore and Nugent detest each other, and Nugent expresses his hate for Moore at any time possible.

However, Tom Morello and Michael Moore have a rather close friendship. In 2000, Moore directed RATM’s music video for ‘Sleep Now In Fire’ and supported them throughout the altercations during its filming. Although Morello and Moore didn’t know each other back then, this became the starting point of their friendship.

During his recent livestream on Facebook, Ted Nugent targeted Tom Morello and Michael Moore. He said that he loves Tom Morello as he is a good man and a great guitar player. Nugent then said he dares Morello to join him on his podcast to explain Michael Moore’s positive aspects.

Following that, Nugent aimed at Moore and made aggressive remarks about the director. He talked about Moore’s documentary and claimed that the documentary supports Moore’s lying and hateful agenda. Nugent then invited Moore to his podcast as well and challenged him to debate him on gun rights.

Ted Nugent stated during his Facebook Livestream that:

“Tom Morello, I love you. I think Tom’s a good family man. This is an official global reach out to Tom Morello, a great guitar player. I don’t really care for the… I mean, I like dissonance once in a while, but Tom is a melody there somewhere. Tom is there a grind someplace.

I’d like to jam with you Tom, you’re really gifted, you’re a great man! I love Tom Morello! But I dare you to get on my podcast with me and explain how you found something positive about Michael Moore. The lying, scamming America hater.

What the hell! Michael Moore is a bad man. He put together a document, but it wasn’t a documentary. They called it a documentary which didn’t document anything except Michael Moore’s lying, scamming, hateful agenda attacking Charlton Heston and claiming he had something to do with the murder of a child in Flynn. Michael Moore, you punk ass prick!

Hey, Michael Moore, come on my podcast. Remember when you had me on your TV show. You were going to get me, and I made you look like an idiot, for which basically all you need is a mirror.

I challenge everybody to debate me. I challenge the whole world to debate how gun-free zones are not the place where most innocent people are killed. Michael Moore likes gun-free zones where the most innocent people are killed. You prick.”

You can check out the rest of Ted Nugent’s live stream below.